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Architects and acousticians must struggle to find a common framework in which to study and discuss topics of common concern. Each must realize that the final design of a space intended for people must incorporate features that meet requirements of visual aesthetics, functionalism, and audio communication.... These are spaces where people must work and communicate without extraneous and tiring interferences.

Robert E. Apfel, Deaf Architects & Blind Acousticians?
A Guide to the Principles of Sound Design

The following resources should help architects understand classroom acoustics:
Deaf Architects and Blind Acousticians
Classroom Design for Good Hearing - PDF version
Classroom Acoustics Booklet I and II
ANSI Classroom Acoustics Standard S12.60
Case Study
AIA Continuing Education
How to test noise levels in an empty classroom?
How to test for excessive reverberation?
How to find an acoustical expert?