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Classroom Acoustics I and II

The Acoustical Society of America has published two publications concerning classroom acoustics: Classroom Acoustics I and II.

Classroom Acoustics I, A resource for creating learning environments with desirable listening conditions by Benjamin Seep, Robin Glosemeyer, Emily Hulce, Matt Linn, Pamela Aytar and Robert Coffeen.

Classroom Acoustics I provides a general overview of the problems and solutions concerning classroom acoustics. Straightforward, practical explanations and examples are given in the text; the Appendix provides more quantitative definitions and basic calculations, as well as useful resources for more detailed information.

Classroom Acoustics I is also available in hard copy from the ASA (see below).

Classroom Acoustics II, Acoustical Barriers to Learning by Peggy B. Nelson, Sigfrid D. Soli and Anne Seltz.

Classroom Acoustics II provides an overview of the need for quiet classrooms. It includes information on the problems experienced by students and teachers as a result of excessive noise and reverberation in classrooms. Special attention is focused on children: 1) learning English as a second language, 2) with ear infections, and 3) with permanent hearing loss. In addition, this booklet lists over 150 additional references on the topics covered.

Classroom Acoustics II is available from the ASA.

You can order Classroom Acoustics I and II for $3 each. Send orders to the Acoustical Society of America, Suite 1NO1, 2 Huntington Quadrangle, Melville, NY 11747-4502, or call Tel.:516-576-2360.