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Quiet Classrooms Library

ANSI Classroom Acoustics Standard

Classroom Acoustics booklet. This is an excellent resource for "creating learning environments with desirable listening conditions." Click here for PDF version.

Classroom Design for Good Hearing. An informative document by Ewart A. Wetherill. PDF version

Deaf Architects and Blind Acousticians

Federal Access Board's Request for Information (RFI) on Classroom Acoustics.

Good Classroom Acoustics is a Good Investment: ICA, Sept. 2-7, 2001

How to determine if classrooms are too noisy?

How to test reverberation in a classroom?

HVAC: What is it?

The Impact of Classroom Acoustics on Scholastic Achievement: ICA, Sept. 2-7, 2001.

The International Institute of Noise Control Engineers' Technical Initiative for Schoolroom Acoustics.

Introductory Words to Citizens Oversight Committee for Classroom Acoustics.

Lay Language Papers on Classroom Acoustics: June 1997

  1. Need for Standards
  2. Impact of Hearing Loss on Students
  3. Noise-Based Speech Interference
  4. Pilot Studies in Elementary Schools
  5. Can Noise Levels at School Gymnasia Cause Hearing Loss

A Quieter School: An Enriched Learning Environment by Arline L. Bronzaft, PH.D.

School Construction Report from School Planning Management Magazine (1997).

Transcript from PBS News Hour: Future Trends in School Overcrowding.

What noise sources cause the most problems?

Workshop on Acoustics and Learning: December 1997.

Workshop on Acoustics and Learning: February 1999.

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