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Did you know cafeterias are noisy, not because students talk to loud-they have to talk loud to hear each other-but because cafeterias are designed to be noisy? Cafeterias tend to have few surfaces that absorb noise, so student's voices bounce off walls, floors, and ceiling. Students trying to talk across a table have to raise their voice so that others can hear them above the voices of the other students and the reflected voices of themselves and the other students. The effect of these surfaces is the equivalent to adding several hundred people to the room.

Across the country, students are solving noise problems in schools and classrooms. You can be the scientist who quantifies the extent of the problem and the activist who gets parents, teachers, and principals working to solve the problem.

How to determine if classrooms are too noisy?
Where to get information to write a paper on noise pollution and health?
Where to get information to write a paper on noise pollution?